portfolio-Engelse-KustI have always felt a great appreciation landscapes, the landscapic to be more precise.
I want to catch the spirit of the various Dutch landscapes (the polders, the rivers, the North and Wadden Sea) and European landscapes (the shelter of the forest; and the surprises of mountains, hills and valleys).
Landscapes inspire me to paint the beauty of the seasons: Early spring in southern Limburg; the warm summer of Tuscany; autumn somewhere in France; a wintery coast in the south of England.
More than trying to showing actual places I try to find 'the landscapic'.

I have prefered an intuitive approach, action, bold strokes. But in recent years I've also also used a more planned approach and has my work become more figurative.
I have used all seizes of canvas, but prefer to paint on broad seizes (like 40x200 cm) that support 'the landscapic'

I work mostly with water mixable oil colour of Talens (Cobra) and Winsor&Newton.