About Albert van der Heide

About Albert van der Heide

(under reconstruction)

I am a painter residing in Baarn, a small town near Amsterdam. My atelier is situated at home from where I overlook the valley of the Eem river as far as the eye can see.

Ever since I started painting, I've been drawn to painting landscapes and townscapes, existing and imagined; figurative and more abstract; Baarn and its surrounding, but also Europe (see my project Europe). More recently is my interest in portrait and model; and in abstract (colourfield) painting. Oilpaint and aquarel are my favorites.

In developing my personal style as an artist, I have found inspiration in the works of William Turner, Claude Monet, Emile Nolde, Helen Frankenthaler, Mark Rothko and Gerrit Benner; and of contemporary artists as Jeroen Hermkens, Johan Meeske, Martin Lutz, Robert Zandvliet,  Erwin van Zijl (who teaches me the art of watercolour). I am a member of the International Watercolour Society Holland (an inspiring community on Facebook)

I also make sculptures. A shoulder injury has force me to concentrate on small scale works in wood and stone (selenite, albast, lime stone, marble).

I acquire commissioned work (portraits, landscapes, sculptures), because I am fond of the interaction with my customer.

Five landscapes in oil (broader formats) can be hired from 'kunstuitleen' of the Eemland Library (www.bibliotheekeemland.nl)


517 03 01 Peppino Impastato

2018: working on commissioned work (portraits in watercolour)